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How to Clean and Maintain Your CM5700 Espresso Machine by Sincreative

How to Clean and Maintain 

Your CM5700 Espresso Machine by Sincreative

You purchased a reliable espresso machine to pull premium shots and to make latte creation easy and simple. With any espresso machine, regular maintenance and cleaning will extend the life of your machine. This allows it to continue to produce the best espresso possible for that full duration. Skipping these suggested steps only reduces the lifespan and the quality of the machine.

Daily Cleaning 

Cleaning is a major part of keeping your machine performing its best. It also continues to make your machine shine and be an object of conversation with guests.

Daily cleaning primarily consists of using a microfiber cloth to clean the exterior of the machine. The oils in coffee and the proteins/fats of milk often create a perfect storm for creating build-up. A microfiber cloth will be gentle enough on the metal and not leave scratches. This is important because you want to be in the habit of wiping it down after each use—at the minimum weekly.

Usually, wetting the microfiber cloth with water will be enough. For more detailed cleaning and cleaning of harder buildup, you can use soapy, warm water to wipe down the surfaces. The cloth should be damp and not soaked.

Wiping the machine with a dry cloth afterward will help it to not have dry water blotches and streaks. A nice shine is always a plus!

Bi-Weekly Cleaning

Cleaning Bean Hopper and Grinder

Cleaning the grinder is very important for your espresso machine. It ensures consistent grind size of your espresso and contributes to the freshness of your coffee beans. Click the video to check out the process!

1. Turn the Bean Hopper counter-clockwise and pull it up and off the machine.

2. Press the red ‘Release Button’ and then turn the Grinder Mechanism count-clockwise—removing it by pulling it up.

1. Be careful not to drop the grinder mechanism but there are replacements, just in case.


3. Find the bottom of the Grinder Mechanism and rotate the Coffee Distributor clockwise to release.

4. Take your cleaning brush to each part until they are free of coffee grounds.

5. Reassemble the Grinder components in reverse order. Once the whole Grinder Mechanism is placed back into the machine, you will hear a click, and a White Indicator light will turn on.

If you use particularly oily coffee (very dark roasts) you may want to clean it weekly.

Bi-Monthly Cleaning


Though not the favorite part of cleaning for most, descaling is very important. This is especially so for machines with light use or owners who have hard water where the machine is used. Hard water refers to water that has a lot of minerals in it that can coat the inside of your machine. Water that stands in machines for longer amounts of time tends to transfer these minerals even when the machine is not in heavy use.

Descaling the CM7500 is as easy as it gets! You will want to purchase an espresso machine descaler to use in your machine—there are many on the market. Descaling should take place once every two or three months.

To descale, follow these easy steps:

1. Fill the water tank all the way and place a similarly sized container under the brew head. We will completely empty the brew tank so the container will overflow if smaller than the tank.

2. Add the correct amount of descaling solution to the water per the descaler’s instructions.

3. Turn on your CM5700 Espresso Machine

4. Then, Press and Hold the ‘Hot Water’ button for 5 seconds then immediately turn the steam volume controller to the ‘Steam’ position.

1. Both these steps should toggle the ‘Hot Water’ light off and turn on the ‘Single’ and ‘Double’ lights—they will flash on and off.

5. The self-cleaning process is started and will last roughly 15 minutes. It’ll end by itself.

6. It is recommended that you do the steps again, but without the descaler in the water to rinse out the machine. You’ll be done and the machine did the bulk of the work.


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