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Important Espresso Tamping Rules You Need to Know

Important Espresso Tamping Rules You Need to Know

Making espresso is near the top of the list of ways to make coffee that is both an art and a science. It takes knowing the basic mechanics of how espresso is pulled plus a lot of experience to know how to adjust based on outcomes. In this article, we will show you the must-know espresso tamping rules that you need to be using.

Why is Tamping Important in the First Place?

Making espresso is a precise process, and tamping the coffee is an essential step in achieving the perfect shot. By pressing the grounds into the brew basket of the portafilter, you create an even surface that allows for proper water pressure and extraction. This results in a more flavorful espresso with less chance for over and under-extraction. Tamping also helps to keep the grounds from escaping up and into the espresso machine, which can lead to clogging and other problems.

When done correctly, tamping provides a consistent foundation for brewing espresso. This not only leads to a tastier cup of coffee but also helps extend the life of your machine by preventing clogs and other issues. Your Sincreative CM5700 Espresso Machine comes with the tools you need to successfully tamp your espresso.

Step 1. Evenly Distribute in the Brew Basket

In the coffee tamping process, the first step is to evenly distribute the coffee grounds in the portafilter's brew basket before tamping. This is your first defense against channeling from taking place in your puck.

To evenly distribute the coffee grounds, start by adding a small amount of your ground coffee to the brew basket. Then, lightly shake or tap the side of the basket until the grounds level out. Once the grounds are level, add more coffee to the basket until it is full. Again, gently shake or tap the side of the basket until the grounds are level.

If you do not even out the coffee grounds, you will create uneven density across your puck when tamping it.

Step 2. Use the Tamper Keeping it Perfectly Level

The next step is actually to use your tamper. You’ll want a firm grasp on it to ensure that you are in control of the level-ness of the process. Many times, you’ll want to rest the portafilter on a flat, level surface to make tamping steadier. Begin to press the tamper in and keep it level.

Step 3. Tamp and Wipe Off

The pressure that you use while tamping is up to you. Experiment with different pounds of pressure to see if that affects your water flow rate and extraction. This likely changes from machine to machine and barista to barista.

Once done tamping, wipe off the outside of the portafilter so that there are no lingering bits of dust or coffee grounds. This makes sure that your portafilter fits onto your espresso machine and keeps everything clean.


 The tamping process is simple but plays a huge role. As you get comfortable with tamping your coffee groups, you will see an improvement in the espresso that you are able to make with the Sincreative CM5700 Espresso Machine   or any of our other machines.


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