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Sincreative is Recreating the Customer Experience Process for Coffee Machine Brands

Sincreative is Recreating the Customer Experience Process for Coffee Machine Brands

A quality and affordable coffee machine is something everyone deserves. Sincreative provides just that–quality coffee machines at affordable prices. We're confident in our product because of the high satisfaction from our customers.

Founded in 2020, Sincreative is a comprehensive espresso and coffee machine industry leader. We advance technology and production methods forward to produce cutting-edge coffee products for you to enjoy. We strive to deliver on that promise.

We listen to you. As a customer of Sincreative coffee equipment, we value and need your feedback so we can continue to deliver on our promise.

Our products’ current versions came from customer experiences and feedback. We've taken each review, support question, and troubleshooting session to improve our products. This feedback goes back to our engineers, designers, and operations teams.

To show exactly how this feedback has been acted on, here are a few examples from our most popular coffee machines.

Improvements to CM5700

Through the feedback of our customers, we've made improvements to the CM5700's onboard Grinder. This was accomplished by making our Quality Assurance (QA) tests much more stringent.

CM5700 Grinder's Process Control System Improvements

· Added low-grade, mid-grade, and high-grade power tests to check the reliability of the grinder.

· Added low-grade, mid-grade, and high-grade power tests to check the grinder's performance.

· Added the comparison of mid-grade and high-grade coffee coarseness with a standard sample.

· Added a "coffee pot test" on each coffee machine's grinder to standardize the flow, temperature, and pressure values of each.

We've also added new instructional decals and cards to the CM5700 coffee machine. This helps new owners quickly get started on their way to a delicious cup of coffee.

Improvements to CM5418

Customers of the CM5418 had brought to our attention possible improvements to the handle mechanism.

CM5418 Handle Improvements

· We decreased the thickness of the sealing ring of the outlet to reduce the effort required to operate the machine.

· We rebuffed our quality standards to electronically test every machine's handle thrust during production to ensure the best end-user experience.

Transportation Protection

To prevent water stains on the coffee machines during transportation we've added a protective film to the water outlet.

Improvements to KCM207

Striving for complete customer satisfaction, we’ve integrated customer feedback about the frother and water tank of our KCM207.

KCM207 Milk Frother Improvements

We've improved the sealing ring for the milk frother. We made a change of fluoro-rubber that's heavy duty and more wear resistant.

KCM207 Water Tank Improvements

We've also made structural changes to the water tank to prevent unwanted leakage caused by frequent use.

Our Progress is Your Gain

As a testament to our efforts, we've noticed a huge decrease in returns—dropping from 10% to less than 2%!

Our main goal is to give our consumers the highest-quality coffee machine at the most economical price. We are devoted to continually improving the products we offer.

If you own a Sincreative coffee machine and have helpful feedback, please let us know. Include your machine's model number and the details of the issue. Contact us here for general feedback.Visit here for information about Warranties and Repairs.


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